Oct. 7–Oral History & Interviewing

Read: Chin, Ava. Eating Wildly: Foraging for Life, Love and the Perfect Meal. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2014: 163-169.

Read: Stein, Jean. Edie: American Girl. New York: Grove Press, 1994: 243-268.

Read: Sullivan, Sady with Maggie Schreiner. “If You’re Thinking of Starting an Oral History Project.” The City Amplified: Oral Histories and Radical Archives. Edited by Allison Guess and Prithi Kanakamedala. New York: Center for the Humanities, CUNY, 2019. https://cuny.manifoldapp.org/read/untitled-1102e586-8f09-4b60-835f-78634ad473dd/section/83e46635-d139-42f9-a16f-253401e9baab

Read: “Principles and Best Practices.” Oral History Association. https://www.oralhistory.org/about/principles-and-practices-revised-2009/

Due: Questions for a Source

Additional Reading (Optional).

You may want to look through and read other chapters from the City Amplified volume. It is a product of the City Amplified Working Group, a project out of the CUNY Center for the Humanities. https://cuny.manifoldapp.org/projects/the-city-amplified

In Class

Ana Dones interview (we listened to 19:00-34:00). Dones, Ana, Oral history interview conducted by Morton Marks, September 23, 1988, Hispanic Communities Documentation Project records and oral histories, 1989.004.01; Brooklyn Historical Society.

Human Subjects Research Program at the Graduate Center.